Dame Kelly Holmes

The core beginnings of a noble dream, of what would seem, foundations laid
With skills attained, such talent emerged, yet still submerged in discovery
Become what be, to demonstrate, independence taking shape
Cross-country weather, so partake and so awake receptive minds
A watchful teacher realised, true potential, born to run
Of motivation so begun, the time had come, the race was won
With thoughts aside, the skill, the stride
Set the challenge, pursuits to pick, a desire to run would surely stick
Seeds of inspiration, an opportune time, yet to behold
Set to unfold, to make the grade, the army trade
Demonstrate ability, join adventure, climb the course
Years of service, tested trials, ran the miles and set the pace
A choice to face of prominence, the passion to take precedence
Discovered star, back on track, all set, attack, assume the plan
Full circle to where it all began, go the distance strength and speed
Destiny awaits, kick for home, continue straight, due applause reverberate
Realisation of a vision, go for gold with dynamism
Setbacks seen and overcome, double Olympic champion
A discipline of due success, professionalism ‘be the best’
Focused victory, a mark in history
Accomplished gold with heart and soul
Broken records, broken mould

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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