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A Prophet Called

Strong Syrians at war against the Israelites
Yet followed a period of peace
Though no threat was posed, an enemy arose, from a foreign land
Fear drew in, the Assyrian king, was set to conquer all
Armies assembled from the border-land
O’ Ninevah city, a promised place
Radical residence of idol worshippers
Servers not of the living God, of what would become
A change of ways, lest they be destroyed
A chosen prophet foreseeable and called
A request to Jonah, awake the city
Of mercy and pity, to repent of their sins
Journey to Ninevah, look to the east
Actions opposed, a sail to the west, unaware of God’s test
An intention to hide, full of pride, he fell asleep
Yet on the ship, with sailors equipped, a storm arose
Wallowing winds, a stormy sea, a presumptuous plea
A cast of lots, on Jonah fell
Storm was sent on his account
Duly dashed into the sea, right into the belly of a fish was he
Three days and nights, afore dry land
Go tell the people of Ninevah

A Giant Defeated


Between the two, a valley lay
Israelites and Philistines beckoning war
Out of the camp of the Philistines
A towering giant would arise
Heavily clad, defiant and bold
So to sway the staff of his spear
A nation in fear, as was King Saul
Forty days of terror
Armies advancing in battle
Yet to defeat
As Israelites retreat in the sight of David
Stood in dismay
Honours and riches, marital reward
To he who can defeat the giant
A due attack with staff and sling
No sword for him
A trust in the God of the living
A protective guide
With fears aside, a stone was struck
Of awesome power to the giant’s head
Down to the ground, accomplished with sword
An honourable defeat
A nation at peace

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Dedication of Samuel


A graceful time of ruling
Appointed judge
Ruler of the people, keeper of the land
In a place of promise, Israelites reside
As the year draws near, voyage to Shiloh
Called to worship, offer your sacrifice
Here Hannah would pray
To grant her a son, Lord have your way
A solemn request
To ask of God, an answered prayer
Arrival of Samuel, so to dedicate
From a time of birth, till weaning transpired
His time had come
A due journey to the high-priest
Reflections of the temple
Eli saw she had prayed
A promise fulfilled
Clad in garments of white
Peace be still
Samuel shall stay, Samuel shall serve
In the ministry of the temple
Of valued worth

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

The Strength of Samson


The children of Israel, standing tall
Jericho and conquests beyond the fall
Possessing Canaan, equipped to defend
Tribes of twelve, of which they descend

From Joshua’s death to the Promised Land
False gods worshipped at every command
Returning to evil ways unpleasantly
God promised judges to bring victory

Israelites oppressed, Philistines of power
The appearing of an angel in a timely hour
The bearing of a son, promised to occur
Delivery from Philistines, was told to her

A chance of hope, not rendered forlorn
Unto mother and father Samson was born
A roaring lion of enemy plans
Samson seized the strength of his hands

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Commandments of the Lord


As was written, on Mount Sinai
As Moses stood on high, commandments of virtue
A shower of blessings, to bestow upon
As for the people, they adhered not
Unguided minds, an idolised calf of gold
Yet to unfold, in a moment of anger
Stones thrust down, sin was all around, though forgiveness abound
Two further tablets, inscriptions anew
Early on the mount, forty days and nights
At one with the father
Both food and drink – the absence of
From such a return, proceeding down
A glow of brilliance, radiant face
Of whom could stare
Dispel at once
Covering veil
Of such commands, in accordance with
Prosperity stands
To stray from the path, affliction coincides
Worship the Lord
Assemble the Tabernacle
With sacrificial offerings, designated ark
Glory be filled
A time to remain
The cloud has arisen
Journey on

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Drawn Out of the Water
Of twelve disciples chosen
Assigned to greater work, toward the mountainside
Singled out from the multitudes
To them he preached, het others reached
To thus revere, with ears to hear
The voice of reason and that of truth
He preached the sermon, on that day
With love forever more, for blessed are the poor
Hardened hearts confound, undeserved are the proud
The righteous so to speak, a given kingdom to keep
The humble, they that mourn
That of grief that of sorrow, comfort to the weary
So blessed and do belong
The meek of earth inherit
Afar from thoughts of discontent
Ye their thirst for righteousness, to God do they repent
For those who are pure in heart
The Lord of which they’ll see
For those who care and trust in him
A life lived humbly
The rock is their foundation
Set apart from sinking sand
Of spiritual obedience, of virtuous commands

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

All Back to God


Of such commandments from above
Obedience – a stream of love
Presented with abundant choice
Abraham obeyed God’s voice

A promised child of such a time
A standing test now would remind
The passing time yet would not falter
Offered gifts upon the altar

To Moriah, a land away
The sacrifice yet to obey
A calling forth to bring upon
No sheep or lamb, the chosen son

With all trust not put to fault
An angel brought him to a halt
Abraham followed all his plans
Now untie his feet and hands

Due fulfilment of the test
Your descendants I will bless
Lord’s provision, for the right
Precious always in God’s sight

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

To the Wilderness and Beyond


Beyond the destruction, a journey to the south
The bearing of a promised child
Unto Abraham and Sarah, within their latter stage
The joy of Isaac
An awesome wonder
Hagar and son, of company within the tent
In playful sight, both sons adjoined
A jubilant feast, with Ishmael unkind, merriment declined
The yearning of honour, attention be sought
An imminent request, send them away
Instructions of sorrow, Abraham obliged
Mother and son to voyage on
Seek the place where you belong
Replenishing supplies
A radiant sunrise, in the land of Egypt
Ye to wonder to the wilderness
Walking on empty, thirsty and faint
Wander no father
Suffering son
Weeping in solitude, fearful afraid
God heard the cry of pain
Draw to the spring, water arise
Be now filled, I shall provide
Your son shall live, grow and thrive
Strength shall arise, wait upon the Lord

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

The Tower of Babel


A tranquil land, when the Earth was but few
Refreshing renewal, beginning anew
Noah and sons, grew to remain
Multiplied nation, so it became

Mountain of Ararat, water subside
A move to the east, with fears aside
Families therein, travelled afar
A settled plain in the land of Shinar

Bold decision, people of prime
Building themselves, for such a time
A great high tower, apparent worth
Be not scattered over all the earth

Work commenced, building the city
Bricks and mortar, workers busy
Ever-ready, no time to stall
Unexpected to cease at all

Might endured, the time it took
A displeased father, there to look
Ever more sinful, none to repent
Ignoring the one who gave them strength

Labouring on, within their own plans

The Flood


Populated land of plenty
Yet hearts brimming with sin,
Dishonourable thoughts, unwholesome deeds
Blessings, provision, no gratitude thereof
The young mirrored such ways
Distaste all around, high and low, near and far
Preoccupied souls, distractions abound
Within such surroundings, righteousness remained
The remembrance of Noah, a passing of days, instructions foretold
An unfolding promise, destruction of old
A time for renewal, a solid ark to build
Call forth the chosen, the chosen are few
Gather your wives and sons, animals two by two
Close the door, seek refuge no more
Waters shall arise, raging torrents, streams will flow
Forty days and forty nights
Water-covered earth, send a raven to and fro
Send a dove for resting place
Imminent return, a week of wait
A second return, an olive leaf
Of such relief, the flood had ceased
A beautiful becoming, land again
An open door
An offer of sacrifice upon the altar
A promise on high
Rainbow sky

School ‘Holly’ Day

At quarter past eight, I thought I would be late
Yet it was still early in the morning
Become what may, of the school holiday
My grandfather Joe was still yawning

At quarter past nine, I really took my time
My bowl of porridge was awaiting
At five past ten, I woke up from my den
My grandmother Sue was still debating

At half past eleven, we reached the River Severn
The ducks on the bank were astounding
At twenty to twelve, we saw a Mr Melve
He fell into the river, heart was pounding

At ten past one, my joy had nearly gone
My very tiny belly was to grumble
Yet five minutes later, we saw a kind waiter
The best meal ever, rendered humble

At twenty five to two, we visited the zoo
Gorillas were looking at me strangely
At five past three, birds surrounding me
They seemed to want to re-arrange thee

At quarter past four, we reached the zoo door
Grandmother left the shop so jolly
At half past five, her smile had come alive
She had boug…


Only those who know will understand How I’m encapsulated by your command
How you brighten my day
With every thoughtful ray
That joy that wondrous joy

Only those who understand will ever feel
The essence of your heart not one could steal
How you turn the sky so blue
How you make my thoughts anew
That joy that wondrous joy

Only those who feel will embrace
Your footprints left without a trace
How your warm delight
Fathoms more than might
That joy that wondrous joy

Only those who embrace will truly care
Whether coming or going, you’re always there
How you render me still
Only your love could fill
That joy that wondrous joy

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Dear Mum


Oh how my mum is special to me, not only because she prepares my tea The way she sings so happily, she’s who I’d like to grow to be
She’s so sincere a heart of gold, with loving care her arms unfold
Yet longing for those days of old, new-born gift that she did hold

A soft whisper, a gentle tone, with her love I’m not alone
On days away the first to phone, that loving place I call my home
Such gentle strokes to comb my hair, she’s attentive and so fair
Her sheer presence, no house bare, the day’s she’s helped with clothes to wear

The wonder of her thoughtful gaze, the hope she kept a child to raise
Seasons new, a cherished phase, contained in her humble ways
Wrapped in warmth just like a glove, watching over from above
She glides across just like a dove, that ever special kind of love

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©



I ‘standeth’ in awe
It warms by day, yet cools at night
Of the ocean, of the lake, and from thy wet ground
N-o-w evaporate
As though still, but invisible
Water vapour now a
Rendered cool, droplets form, liquid water born
N-o-w condensate
Form thy clouds, form thy rain
Through winter ‘formeth’ snow again
Your varied forms, ever-changing face
Whilst humid, vapour in the air contained
Exceed beyond thy limit, thy air cannot hold
Let the misty atmosphere unfold
The tropics of dew
Ever condensing from morning air
In the cool clear night, quietly escape
Cool droplets of dew, morning grass made new

Temperature f
Soft crystals n-o-w form
Conditions suffice, ‘turneth’ to ice