My Hero

Verse 1
There’s an open road, to our perfect day
With no undue blocks, situated in our way
Sail from coast to coast, a vibrant voyage
City lights that glisten right above the bridge

Take my hand, basking in the sunset
Let’s go write our memories in the sand
The night is ours, embracing who we are
Right here, as we gaze under the stars
My hero, yes you are

Verse 2
Walking hand in hand, proceed to the pier
Contemplate the views, that we both revere
A momentous time, subtle candlelight
Of the times we share, relish with delight

Before I met you, yes my life was great
The essence of your catering is icening on the cake
How you captivate, enchantment by the shore
Taken by your love, the one that I adore


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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