Verse 1
There is no distance to travel, to cause a divide, between us
There is no towering mountain that we cannot climb to build trust
Of moments in time, of which are passing away
Yet all the love I possess, grows day after day, yeah
Let’s sail away, by the moonlight
Let’s find a way, for us to realise
That we’ll never arrive, we’ll never arrive
So continue to strive, continue to strive
The water will flow, the water will flow
And our love will grow, and our love will grow
Forever and ever and ever and ever
Verse 2
An awesome appearance, impressions that mesmerise
Stood by the river of love, the glance in your eyes
Gratitude given, the presence of living is here
A smooth navigation, a near constellation revere
There’s an overflow of tranquillity
We are journeying forth with simplicity, yeah
Let’s strive to bring authenticity
For your a shining light to me
Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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