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Love Will Find A Way

Verse 1 
Of heights we have to soar, with the one that I adore 
Together dynamically, a true magnetic force 
The faith of which to grow, for goodness will follow 
Tested through the trials, faith of purest gold 

Love will find a way, love will find a way 
Oh oh oh, find a way 
Through every obstacle, we’ll withstand the storms 
With all perseverance, we will face it all 

Verse 2 
The forest may be dense, of days with all suspense 
We shall overcome, it has no permanence 
Each day is not the same, of lessons there to gain 
We’ll endure the course, we’re dancing in the rain 


Let magnificence arise 
For there is a greater prize 
As we both unveil our eyes 
There are blessings in disguise


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️

Sunset at the Jazz Cafe

Verse 1 
Strike a chord, sensational 
Atmosphere relational 
Rhythmic flavour, wonderful 
Tempo combinational 

Soulful styles, set to sooth
A joyful mix, get in the groove 
Improvising to the beat
Rendition, repeat 

A starry, dreamy, bright array
Such instrumental harmony 
Side by side as players play 
Celebration certainly 
Sunset at the jazz cafe 

Verse 2 
Drum and trumpet at a pace
For an alternating chase
Melodies that interlace 
Fusion of a lower base



Outro X2
Chords half stepping, yeah yeah 
Back and forth, oh yeah 

Hallelujah to the King

Verse 1 
Give God the glory, give God the glory 
He orchestrates, the creator of days
Ever so faithful, ever so faithful 
He draws me closer to his ways 

Restoring hopefulness from within 
Bringing freedom from all sin
Of all those lost and found to bring 
Sing hallelujah to the king 

Verse 2 
Lord of forgiveness, Lord of forgiveness 
Cleansed and renewed, seeking righteousness 
Sovereign helper, sovereign helper
Drawn beyond fear, founding new boldness 


Verse 3
Creator of vision, creator of vision 
Made to fulfil his purposes 
He’s my salvation, he’s my salvation 
Strength and my shield, valour and courage 


Sing hallelujah to the king (X4) 


Wonderfully Made

Verse 1 
To go beyond comparison, no place to overplay 
The potter of unique design, brought new life to the clay
Unwholesome talk, within my walk, of that I will release 
I’m truly made in your image, I am your masterpiece 

Formed by your hand, beautiful and wonderfully made 
Knowing who I am, honouring the life you gave 
You have made a mark of victory 
To partake in your plan
I present a unique offering 
To the voice I understand 
I am wonderfully made

Verse 2 
Authentic worth, embrace your word, perspective unabridged 
To liberate and so create my spiritual heritage 
To this effect, I will protect your standard of measure
Your love endures, unconditional, of that I will treasure 


Guided by your hand, to direct my sphere of service 
Knowing who I am, created with a purpose 
With a chorus of praise, my song is made new
I will dwell in the essence, of a godly point of view 


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️

Picture Perfect

Verse 1
No two paths the same, in this complex game
There are journeys that cannot be understood
To have loved and lost, at no greater cost
The unwholesome rightly turned around for good


This is our picture perfect, yeah

This is our picture perfect, oh yeah
With untangled rods, against the odds, we’re an undivided team
There’s no mystery or disharmony, rising from our history
For the past is gone, I am focused on, beginnings forthcoming
Well beyond the bridge, this journey is unfolding

Verse 2
As the head of home, to have raised my own
The higher guidance, which I can depend
Yet with true love found, purposed middle ground
Two hearts that have become a perfect blend


Let’s reach beyond the sky
With a magnitude of love set to defy
Let’s gaze beyond the stars
Of a distance travelling forever far
This is our picture perfect


On That Day

Verse 1
A divine design, a will aligned, of joy so wonderful
Sent from above, a mirror of, love unconditional
Set apart, reserved, a soulful merge, I know such fruit is rare
A vineyard with, such blossoming, His providential care

He thought of me, he thought of you
Blessings of a season, that only God could do
And on that day, faithfully
My whole life had changed

Verse 2
A special place, of majestic grace, I bring my loyalty
Oneness of soul, with a purposed goal, radiating royalty
In him abide, stood by your side, of more than an event
To so unite and glorify, a holy covenant

A meaningful journey, begins its course
Two becoming one, a dynamic force
A promising season, like the bliss of spring
Of such a splendid vine, such joy to bring
A treasured find, was made anew
From the moment I was revealed to you
Love that has the brightest kind of flame
So may our lives never remain the same


My Hero

Verse 1
There’s an open road, to our perfect day
With no undue blocks, situated in our way
Sail from coast to coast, a vibrant voyage
City lights that glisten right above the bridge

Take my hand, basking in the sunset
Let’s go write our memories in the sand
The night is ours, embracing who we are
Right here, as we gaze under the stars
My hero, yes you are

Verse 2
Walking hand in hand, proceed to the pier
Contemplate the views, that we both revere
A momentous time, subtle candlelight
Of the times we share, relish with delight

Before I met you, yes my life was great
The essence of your catering is icening on the cake
How you captivate, enchantment by the shore
Taken by your love, the one that I adore


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


Verse 1
Imagine if you could go beyond, the shackles of the chains and bonds
To truly love again, just imagine
Imagine if you could touch the sky and climb a wall like ten feet high
To open your heart, just imagine
Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine

Verse 2
Imagine if you could unify, a broken past, bitten twice shy
To be vulnerable, just imagine
Imagine if you could crumble down, the walls created to surround
To remove the guards, just imagine
Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine

A new perspective there to take, an unbound dream to re-awake
My script of all revisions new
Persistent continuity, facing all uncertainty
A bright scene, a refreshing view
Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh

Verse 3
Imagine if you could wind the clocks, identify the stumbling blocks
To re-establish with clarity
Imagine a journey not the same, an open trust right there to gain
To receive new opportunity
Ooh now I see
Ooh I believe in me

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️

With Love

Verse 1
The yearning to relate, convey and demonstrate
Desires interchanged, of pathways rearranged
To be enamoured of, a treasured soul
My ever one true love, to so unfold
A clear scenic sky, a hand to hold
Of memories passing by, let love evolve

This is my gift to you, I’m sending this with love
I’m sending this with love
Embracing all that’s true, with faithfulness to you
I’m sending this with love

Verse 2
Of wisdom to engage, with letters to a page
Evoke and captivate, connected hearts relate
Of my weaknesses, that you complement
With true tenderness, you do bring out the best
You hold my true regard, beloved star you are
Passion interlaced, none could take your place

Chorus x2

With love, with love, with love
With love, with love, with love
With love, with love, sending all my love

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️

I Will Seek Your Face

Verse 1
As we proclaim to the king, ever sounding nations sing
Of wisdom inspiring, faithful in his promising
Of such love that stands unchanged, embrace the power in the name
Of such honour and majesty, he has come to set us up free

Chorus X2
I will seek your face (come and testify)
I will seek your face
Come and take your place
I will seek your face

Verse 2
Of miracles throughout the land and so revere his mighty hand
His only son that he did raise, for he is worthy of my praise
Standing by his covenant, exultation heaven sent
The father of our salvation, for in him the victory is won

Chorus X2

Bridge X2
We shall rejoice
Proclaiming all his greatness, I will hear his voice
The earth will sing
With worship and with trembling
Give praises to the king
Give praises to the king

Alicia Keys

A star awoken, of dreams freely spoken 
All equipped – musicianship 
Unbound to conventional forms, to so adorn
A woman’s worth
Au naturel
Transcendence of thought, unveiled soul
Of tears, of joy
Classical calling 
A dazzling butterfly, hearts identify 
Live on stage, delivered diary 
A poetic page, with essence to free
A monumental flow of harmony 
Unique individuality 

A universal language, a mindful connective 
Emotional growth, inner introspective 
Live and unplugged 
With all that jazz
Rhythm refiner, songs in A Minor
A unique find, true state of mind 
Motivational strive 
Such inner drive
The extraordinary, piano mastery
Musical milestone, a class of her own <