Love Will Find A Way

Verse 1 
Of heights we have to soar, with the one that I adore 
Together dynamically, a true magnetic force 
The faith of which to grow, for goodness will follow 
Tested through the trials, faith of purest gold 

Love will find a way, love will find a way 
Oh oh oh, find a way 
Through every obstacle, we’ll withstand the storms 
With all perseverance, we will face it all 

Verse 2 
The forest may be dense, of days with all suspense 
We shall overcome, it has no permanence 
Each day is not the same, of lessons there to gain 
We’ll endure the course, we’re dancing in the rain 


Let magnificence arise 
For there is a greater prize 
As we both unveil our eyes 
There are blessings in disguise


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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