Wonderfully Made

Verse 1 
To go beyond comparison, no place to overplay 
The potter of unique design, brought new life to the clay
Unwholesome talk, within my walk, of that I will release 
I’m truly made in your image, I am your masterpiece 

Formed by your hand, beautiful and wonderfully made 
Knowing who I am, honouring the life you gave 
You have made a mark of victory 
To partake in your plan
I present a unique offering 
To the voice I understand 
I am wonderfully made

Verse 2 
Authentic worth, embrace your word, perspective unabridged 
To liberate and so create my spiritual heritage 
To this effect, I will protect your standard of measure
Your love endures, unconditional, of that I will treasure 


Guided by your hand, to direct my sphere of service 
Knowing who I am, created with a purpose 
With a chorus of praise, my song is made new
I will dwell in the essence, of a godly point of view 


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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