Hallelujah to the King

Verse 1 
Give God the glory, give God the glory 
He orchestrates, the creator of days
Ever so faithful, ever so faithful 
He draws me closer to his ways 

Restoring hopefulness from within 
Bringing freedom from all sin
Of all those lost and found to bring 
Sing hallelujah to the king 

Verse 2 
Lord of forgiveness, Lord of forgiveness 
Cleansed and renewed, seeking righteousness 
Sovereign helper, sovereign helper
Drawn beyond fear, founding new boldness 


Verse 3
Creator of vision, creator of vision 
Made to fulfil his purposes 
He’s my salvation, he’s my salvation 
Strength and my shield, valour and courage 


Sing hallelujah to the king (X4) 


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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