What on Earth am I Here For?

Since I was created for such a time as this
What on earth am I here for, before eternal bliss?
Let the weight of your calling, bring greatness out of me
The epitome of Christ, is what I care to be

With your divine purpose, evoked into your plan
Your perfect craftsmanship, made with your mighty hand
Spiritually lead me, with fresh waters anew
Let your holy spirit, guide me in what I do

In accordance with your blueprint, my purpose I will seek
My life is not my own, I am truly yours to keep
Before my birth you knew me, you knew my every path
The hairs upon our head Lord, I’ll let you do the math

Made into your image, the warmth of your embrace
Align me with your will Lord, let me win the race
Words cannot express the wonders of your love
That you would send your only son, from heaven above

The gifts you have bestowed me with and great ability
Open the eyes of my heart Lord that one day I shall see
Let me not take for granted of who you care to bless
Let me endure trials as you guide me through this test

Be my divine inspiration, knowledge not of man
Guide me to your truth so that I will understand
God has a sense of humour, he does like to remind
That even in the early hours, you are truly divine!

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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