I Will Seek Your Face

Verse 1
As we proclaim to the king, ever sounding nations sing
Of wisdom inspiring, faithful in his promising
Of such love that stands unchanged, embrace the power in the name
Of such honour and majesty, he has come to set us up free

Chorus X2
I will seek your face (come and testify)
I will seek your face
Come and take your place
I will seek your face

Verse 2
Of miracles throughout the land and so revere his mighty hand
His only son that he did raise, for he is worthy of my praise
Standing by his covenant, exultation heaven sent
The father of our salvation, for in him the victory is won

Chorus X2

Bridge X2
We shall rejoice
Proclaiming all his greatness, I will hear his voice
The earth will sing
With worship and with trembling
Give praises to the king
Give praises to the king

Chorus X2

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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