Ready to Live

Verse 1 
With truth emerged, to stand in line I’m on the verge 
A full embrace, the time has come to run my race 
Born and raised, with humbleness I will amaze
A southern town, strengthened roots lay underground 

I’m ready to live, my all declared of which to give 
I’m destined to soar, a soulful rising shall befall
I’m ready to live, a challenged past I will forgive 
A boundless find, this opportunity is mine 

Yeah, yeah, yeah

My quest defined, with character and soul aligned 
No time to wait, the steps laid down for me to take 

Verse 2
Of temporal gain, my inner joy it will sustain 
To signify, the clouds that come to mystify 
A plan contrived, my gift to give to bring to life 
Uniquely rare, a purposed calling not compared



Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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