Thy Spirit’s Descent

The day of Pentecost had fully come, as they met in one accord
A sudden sound, a mighty wind, a token of the Lord
Cloven flames, tongues of fire, as thy sprit thus descent
Prepareth the soul for gentle gales, yet convicted to repent

A miracle yet of the mind, upon prophets of old
To preach to nations intelligibly, effects to thus unfold
Perplexed and thus bewildered, as languages be spake
Other tongues of utterance, the faith of Christ awake

A solemn feast brought to a halt, a mighty great concourse
To hear the good news of the Lord, observed with some remorse
To meaneth truth and yet be mocked, to claim they’re full of wine
God chose the weak to confound the wise, as branches of the vine

The day hereby thus prophesied, by Joel of centuries past
The miracles, signs and wonders, fulfillment brought to last
Peter’s message communicated restoreth divine favour
The fruit of Christ resurrection, he ascended our great saviour

Fully clothed with power, his rising yet not disproved
The supernatural phenomena, his word shall not be moved
The same Jesus who was crucified is both our Christ and Lord
As still proclaimed amongst the earth, which we could not afford

Allegiance owed to he who reigns, who sat on David’s throne
The highest honour in heaven, our hope in Christ alone
A sense of awe, an awesome joy, others joined to listen
As the multitudes were saved and to see the Lord’s love glisten

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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