Fruit A-peel

Blueberries, bananas, apples that fall
Berries and pears, we love them all
Fresh rainwater, summer heat
The part of plants that we can eat

Inside the fruit, contains the seeds
Found on bushes, grown on trees
Tomato plants, of heights will rise
With soil and compost, fertilise

Seeds we scatter, seeds we sow
All around the world they grow
Celebrate at food events
Cities, countries, continents

Supermarkets, stalls be manned
Frozen, dried, fresh or canned
Varied fruits ripen with time
Fresh fruit salad, shall we dine

A complement of any meal
Fruits to blend and fruits to peel
Expectations to surpass
Blended poured into a glass

Garden fruit and fruit in tins
Daily fibre, vitamins
Large vineyards, where growers take
From tiny buds, to blossomed grape

Strawberry smoothie, raspberry jam
Tomato sandwich, cheese and ham
Assembled fruit upon the plate
Master-chef provide your rate

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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