All Hair

Celebrate versatility, of every ethnicity
Un-marginalise, break social exclusion, transcending illusions
A streaming subject that runs deep
Of chemical appliance, let go of the defiance
Un-tick the boxes, esteeming all, tear down the walls
A part of applauded appearances, let it go, let it be
Yield the root of the matter

Is it about good or bad? Or embracing what you have
With gratitude be glad
Set your own standards and expectations
The representational, be sensational
A headed glory, create your own story
To raise or lay down, finding YOU – be found
Twists, dreads, braids, outer beauty fades

Curly, wavy, straight, close the divide
No preference of side
No greater pick, fine, medium, thick
Long, medium or short, in spite of what is bought
Towards evolution, be your own solution
Of the inner voice, your personal choice
Hair is a journey, whether late or early

Whether young or old, inner value can’t be sold
In the midst of society, establish your priority
Of inner health, let that become your wealth
Accept yourself
Taken chances, of blessed finances
No worse or better, be your own trend setter
There’s every kind of beautiful, un-throne the judge

Unborn fears, traced back through the years
Your personal connotation, comprehend the relation
The way to be true, find your inner you
Of yours, of mine, hair does not define
Of no preference, a walk beyond difference
Inner realisations, natural formations
To tame for fame

Behold victory, realise your history
Un-ravelled vanity, embrace humanity

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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