These are the Moments

Of joy unabated, triumphantly won
Of a mountainous climb, boundless breath-taking
Of odds stacked against
Take to the skies, together we fly
Beat to my drum, we synchronize
Of harmonies, love stands entwined
At one in chorus, sheer distinction
Stellar smile, symbolic signs
Travelling loves unwinding road, of paths untold
In victory dance, bold chances took
Of gazes transfixed, a future eclipsed
Distinctive souls, becoming as one
Guided footsteps, of days devoted
Moments noted, pebbled miles
A tender embrace, a solemn vow
Instants captured, a time of now
First words, first steps
Treasures k-e-p-t
Ensemble of togetherness
Acts of all benevolence
Consoled companion, constancy
Trust of actuality
Set beyond dichotomy
Forever fleeting
The fragrance of spring
Enthralling essence, captivating
Life is but a visit, blink and you’ll miss it

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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