The Flood

Populated land of plenty
Yet hearts brimming with sin,
Dishonourable thoughts, unwholesome deeds
Blessings, provision, no gratitude thereof
The young mirrored such ways
Distaste all around, high and low, near and far
Preoccupied souls, distractions abound
Within such surroundings, righteousness remained
The remembrance of Noah, a passing of days, instructions foretold
An unfolding promise, destruction of old
A time for renewal, a solid ark to build
Call forth the chosen, the chosen are few
Gather your wives and sons, animals two by two
Close the door, seek refuge no more
Waters shall arise, raging torrents, streams will flow
Forty days and forty nights
Water-covered earth, send a raven to and fro
Send a dove for resting place
Imminent return, a week of wait
A second return, an olive leaf
Of such relief, the flood had ceased
A beautiful becoming, land again
An open door
An offer of sacrifice upon the altar
A promise on high
Rainbow sky

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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