The Great Fire

Twas the flames of the night, that caused such a fright
In the great and vibrant city
Merchants arranged, at the Royal Exchange
Yet events to unfold struck pity

Rich noblemen and proud women
Strolling by the River Thames
No time to tarry, new goods to carry
Both silk and spice were gems

Projected below, dark streets narrow
Houses aligned together
O’ tinder dry, would not defy
The elements of the weather

Flames would not wane, on Pudding Lane
John Farynor’s baker’s shop
As the flames took hold, his scared household
Climbed to the nearest roof top

As watchmen saw, the sudden roar
Citizens ‘playing for keeps’
Abandon thy home, leave well alone
The diary of Samuel Pepys

With morning anew, it did continue
Warehouse of the riverside
An acrid stench, o’ would not quench
The smoke of which to override

Black clouds be seen, o’ King intervene
Equip your soldiers and band
A decision to take, for a ‘fire-break’
A guinea press into thy hand

With energy spent, make way to the tent
Creations upon Moorfields
Yet to discover, new ways to recover
Bring forth new trade and yields

New plans for when, thy Charles and Wren
Construct and build, be willing
The worthy meets, brought straighter streets
Provide thee with a shilling

We can but climb, as we define
The new magnificent
Brick homes no fall, yet standing tall
The commemorate monument

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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