That of Pearls, That of Wisdom

Peace be still, strike thy pose
Epitome of eloquence, footsteps of the queen
Pearls of wisdom, solemn portrait
Position thy hat, attend to thy shirt, that of satin, that of lace
Family ties, adornment to each
All is well with thee, obedience calls – o’ child be seen, be not heard
Be seated; be still, thou shalt not be disturbed
Workhouses – be deterred, apprentice house preferred
Sacrificial morning, make way to the pit
A revolution of demand, provisions of coal, of iron, of copper, deposits of old
What sayeth thee? We shall supply!
As pitheads wind, so miners grind
Seek and follow, tunnels be low – passages of the great
Toil dawneth on me, forty winks be yearned
As we flock to the town
Of craftsmen, of blacksmiths, tailors assist
Technology equips, shoe last o’ stiff
Fine fettles are thee, inventions surpass
Full steam ahead! Country be lead.
Of sheets, of rolls, printing amass
Fortunes be stirred, households back to back
Our cast-iron range, warmth to thy home
Fresh statuses arise, relieve former ties
Ambition abound, middle class be found
Boil water on the range, afore we bath
Of fresh produce, of luscious game, black pudding o’ delight
Shilling be spent, fill up thy churn
Horses’ clod on cobbled streets, ploughed fields, farmer’s relief
Leg thy narrow boat, steam locomotive, cut short thy duration
Better to tow, canal bank astride
The Victorian age, of history, of pride

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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