School ‘Holly’ Day

At quarter past eight, I thought I would be late
Yet it was still early in the morning
Become what may, of the school holiday
My grandfather Joe was still yawning

At quarter past nine, I really took my time
My bowl of porridge was awaiting
At five past ten, I woke up from my den
My grandmother Sue was still debating

At half past eleven, we reached the River Severn
The ducks on the bank were astounding
At twenty to twelve, we saw a Mr Melve
He fell into the river, heart was pounding

At ten past one, my joy had nearly gone
My very tiny belly was to grumble
Yet five minutes later, we saw a kind waiter
The best meal ever, rendered humble

At twenty five to two, we visited the zoo
Gorillas were looking at me strangely
At five past three, birds surrounding me
They seemed to want to re-arrange thee

At quarter past four, we reached the zoo door
Grandmother left the shop so jolly
At half past five, her smile had come alive
She had bought me gifts and holly

At ten past six, my bike he had to fix
The shining glare was less appealing
At half past six, I was really in the mix
Dinner time coming was the feeling

At five to eight, they thought I couldn’t wait
Bedtime stories were commencing
Laughing in the night, a glorious sight
Grandfather talked about fencing

By quarter past eight, at a splendid rate
Grandfather saw me looking sleepy
Into the night, switching off the light
Twinkling stars will surely greet me

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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