A Plot in Vain



Many a flame, brightens the sky
Such events to re-enact
A plot in vain that would underlie
A pre-determined pact

Brought up as a Catholic child
Beliefs that would not wane
The distinct view of Protestants
Reflecting royal reign

The disapproving treatment then
Catholic Priests and all
Of secret church services
Hidden holes – no fall

A venture to the land of Spain
Discover and to fight
A brave and learned soldier
Gunpowder to alight

Plans devised, against the king
Thomas Winter’s plot
Fawkes informed and now assigned
Such tales were not forgot

A secret meet within the Inn
Robert Catesby lead
A gang adjoined as one to swear
Our plans will go ahead

A parliamentary opening
Imminently placed
For barrels rolled into the night
Hidden without trace

A letter sent to Monteagle
Reward for such a warn
Uncovered act, to light a fuse
The truth of which be sworn

Hidden in the cellar below
O’ Guy to now arrest
A plotters display of guilty heads
The ending of their quest

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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