Mammals of the Earth

Early stages of nurture, nature commence
Embracing their vulnerability
The warmth of parental care
Expansion and development
Protection from within
Safety of the uterus, comfort living
Nutritional supply through the umbilical cord
Where life has begun
There are herbivores ready to run
Gestures of giraffes
Leaping deer
We can but revere
Kangaroo offspring, resting pouch
The young will latch
Preparation for a time beyond
Bonding baboons, close knit group
Enveloped in parental care
Weaned through time, skills combine
Destined to change made to adapt
Camouflaged cheetah cubs
Lion’s thick mane
No longer the same
Daring displays of dominant males
Attainment of adulthood, meet lioness
Echoes of elephants, trumpeting trunks
Whistling whales, swim in song
Advancement in accord, accrued stage
Ripened age

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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