Drawn Out of the Water

Of twelve disciples chosen
Assigned to greater work, toward the mountainside
Singled out from the multitudes
To them he preached, het others reached
To thus revere, with ears to hear
The voice of reason and that of truth
He preached the sermon, on that day
With love forever more, for blessed are the poor
Hardened hearts confound, undeserved are the proud
The righteous so to speak, a given kingdom to keep
The humble, they that mourn
That of grief that of sorrow, comfort to the weary
So blessed and do belong
The meek of earth inherit
Afar from thoughts of discontent
Ye their thirst for righteousness, to God do they repent
For those who are pure in heart
The Lord of which they’ll see
For those who care and trust in him
A life lived humbly
The rock is their foundation
Set apart from sinking sand
Of spiritual obedience, of virtuous commands

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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